By: Eugene Ebenyi

Ebonyi state, the Salt of the Nation; a state that was before the inception of the present Administration locked in obscurity and backwardness no doubt has become the most celebrated, among its contemporaries in the present time.
For a state whose people were before the creation of the state in 1996 the most backward due to criminal marginalization and neglect, to have become a model city of preferred people, is to say the least, most historic.

This positive turn around which many especially those who were before now ahead of her educationally and economically, saw as puzzle, has not only strategically positioned the state in the global map, but improved the perception of its people in the eyes of the committee of states.

One may not forget in a hurry the condition of infrastructure especially roads both in the metropolis and across the thirteen (13) local government Area, and the socio-economic condition of the state before Engr David Umahi came on board.

It could also be proper to adduce that these unprecedented Infrastructural breakthroughs, value re-orientation as well as wide reaching human empowerment strides have become a tripod on which the present Administration stands, and glaringly making its difference.

The current status of the State as birthed by the Engr David Umahi’s Administration, through dogged effort and sacrifice, has continued to blossom the socioeconomic possibilities of the state, as it has also expanded its fame.
Since inception, the State Governor, His Excellency, Engr Chief David UMAHI has received countless Awards of Excellence from various reputable Organisations, for his record breaking Achievements, in the areas of Human empowerment, Transparency, Infrastructure, Education, Agriculture, Health, Grassroot Development, industrial revolution as well as inroads to new style of leadership, as exemplified in best government relations.

Some of the notable Awards to Governor Umahi are;

*2019 Overall Best Governor Award by the BusinessDay Media.

*2019 Human Rights Award, as the Best Governor in Education Reforms, Infrastructural development and Respect for Human Rights by the National Human Right Commission

*Honorary Award as fellow of Agricultural Engineering, by Federal College of Agriculture, Ishiagu

*Best Governor in Nigeria in Infrastructural and Human Capital Development in Nigeria by UNN CONSULT, and

*Grassroot Development Governor of the year 2019 by the Independent Newspaper ltd

The plethora of Awards, no doubt were Recognitions that have not only been celebrated for their ‘straight to tick’ approach but also stand as best practical demonstration of appreciation for jobs well done.

Already, many national and International Organisations are sending letters of commendation and offer of Award on daily basis, in echoes of the uncommon capacity in governance demonstrated by our dear Governor.

There is no gain saying the fact that Ebonyi is now better, with the pride ignited by the celebrated breakthroughs and developmental strides practically robbing off on the entire south east zone.
As more accolades come the way of our dear Governor, His Excellency Engr Chief David Nweze Umahi, the Ministry of Information and State Orientation wishes to thank all the good people of Ebonyi State for their love, support to an uncommon Leader and World Leadership celebrity, of our time, His Excellency, Engr David Umahi.

We can only be grateful to God for making Ebonyi State the Microcosm of the Macrocosm of Nigeria of our dream, bearing in mind that something beautifully Divine is happening in Ebonyi State in our own time.

For in the words of The Honourable Commissioner for Information and State Orientation, Hon. Barr Orji Uchenna Orji “Ebonyi is occupying a conspicuous space in the map of advanced cities of the world, courtesy of Governor UMAHI”
“We can therefore give the testimony, that; ‘Akubaraoha is God’s sent’, and indeed working” end of quote.

Special thanks go to all the persons and institutions that have followed -up the awards of honour with messages of Congratulations in print, electronic, or even the social media. It is only good to give honour to whom honour is due.
Governor Umahi has lifted us as a people, he has changed our narratives, and it is an incredible world history to have a Governor who changed the hood of inferiority complex that bedevilled his people and decorated them with clothes of superior social esteem.

Within the shortest record time, Giunness Book of Record feats have been achieved, and we are now better off.
It is only fair for us to show gratitude through prayers, loyalty and practical support and continue to remember our socio- economic and political status before the Divine Mandate Administration in 2015.

As we bask in the glory of our new status as the Cynosure of the Eastern Nigeria, we must be committed to the things that will sustain our garnered glory, so far.
LET THE MUSIC PLAY; for under Engr David UMAHI, Ebonyi has risen from Obscurity to fame.

To GOD be the Glory.

MOI&SO…… Building a City of David

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