European Union Reportedly Drops Basketmouth as Influencer Over Rape Jokes



Online Report says Basketmouth’s name or photo/likeness has been removed from the list of Nigerians listed as influencers or advocates for HerStoryOurStoryNG, an European Union campaign in partnership with the British Council.

Sources said concerns about his inclusion were raised by Nigerians who have followed his long history of rape jokes.

“We need to know how Bright(Basketmouth), a man that said openly that Nigerian women should be RAPED if they don’t give have sex with men on the 2nd date is an advocate influencer for SGBV??” said activist Pamela Adie.

SGBV stands for Sexual and Gender Based Violence.

Olisatv disclosed that as many other Nigerians joined voices in calling out the comedian, it wasn’t long before the organisation republished a new list of their advocates and influencers, and Basketmouth could no longer be found on their list.

See the new list below:

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