It’s Hard For A Poor Man To Make Heaven – Prophet Jeremiah 



Prophet Jeremiah Okoye of City of Grace Royal Assembly Church Abakaliki has  said that it is too hard for a poor man to make heaven owing to their ignorance to honour God

Prophet Okoye stated this while  preaching  on Sunday Service on the topic, “Secret of how to Prosper”

He stressed that Christians who look down on men of God do not by extension, honour God

He said: “A poor man is full of pride, when he is blessed and he succeeds in life, the next day he will not come to church neither to show appreciation to God  nor to support God’s work

“It is only a poor  man that have time to gossip against the man of God and church  but rich men don’t have time to gossip”.

The Prophet also disclosed that  the secret of prosperity does not depend either on qualifications or certificates.

He added that Christians need to put God first in everything they do, so things could go well with them.

” I noticed that native doctors  honour  God more than some Christians, because native doctors do not joke in calling upon God first thing early in the morning, with their kola nuts, but many Christians do not care to pray before leaving to work due to ignorance to honour God ”

Prophet Okoye noted that for a man to prosper,  he must enter into Covenant, either God’s covenant or devil, because if he does not belongs to any kingdom, he can not prosper or succeed in life.

“Even if he makes it, there are forces that will  bring him down.

” You have to identify with God and keep your covenant with him.,Any man who prospers or succeeds have a covenant that makes him go forward. You need to learn how to observe and keep to covenant because to make covenant is very easy but to keeping it is very hard due to rules that guide it”.

He charged Christians to learn to honour God and put him first in everything they do in order to prosper and succeed in life, while he also advised them to avoid bad companies.

” Who you associate with determines how far you go in life,  someone under curse of not prospering can afflict you with it, there are some friends coming around to discover your secret in order to destroy you. You need to learn how to keep your secret, those who carry your secret outside are not  your friends.   You need to keep them far from yourself to be able to prosper and succeed in life ” Prophet Okoye said

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