Yes And No; Delta Based Public Affairs Analyst Tells Umahi, Wike



In what many have described as a balanced ‘swipe’ a Delta based Public Affairs analyst, Job Ituma, says in as much as some of the governors had adequately paid their dues in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, a hard look on their commitment ratings in other areas reveal a yawning gap of inadequacies beckoning on improvement.

Ituma who took to his social media handles to air his views said while applause should greet many of their decisions, they appear to have somewhat regimental and commando approach to leadership.

He wrote;

Governor Babajide Sanwolu of Lagos State certainly deserves some applause for his doggedness and proactivness so far in this Covid 19 war.

Worthy of acknowledgement also are the governors of Kaduna State Nasir El Rufai and Nyesom Nwike of Rivers state. Prof. Ben Ayade of Cross River State is also outstanding in this regard especially as it concerns the distribution of palliatives to Crossriverians.

It will amount to serious oversight and grave injustice and bias if i fail to commend to commend the effort of my own state governor Engnr Dave Umahi in this Covid 19 crisis.

Many of my pals will disapprove of his inclusion in this list but still i’ll beg to differ on this.

Just like governor Nyesome Nwike of Rivers state, my state governor , Dave Umahi appears to have this regimental and commando approach to leadership.

But all the same i admire the man because just like Nyesom Nwike, he is not a yes man. He believes and rightly so that governance is not a popularity contest. He is very idealistic and purposeful in governance. In the past we’ve had governors who wanted to be “good” men and who tried to carry all the political heavyweights along in policy making and developmental strides and at the end of the day that became their undoing as such acts easily became their administration’s underbelly. At the end of the day, those good ex – governors can hardly point to a signature project that will herald them to posterity.

But the man Dave is unequivocal in policy making and very very audacious in developmental strides. I’m not by any means suggesting that he’s perfect. Far from it.

There are some areas i have some grouse with him especially in the area of security of lives and property of Ebonyians especially in the rural areas.

Even as i write, my own dear community is a ghost town rendered desolate due to incessant attacks from external forces . Clearly i have not seen my governor,s proactiveness in this regard.

Be that as it may, i do not wish to benchmark my assessment of the governor,s general performance on that issue. We can save that for another day even though it,s an issue that require an urgent attention as it were.

The governor is on course to deliver and leave behind some signature projects that will speak well of him when posterity puts their past leaders to scrutiny.

And back to the burning issue of the war against Covid 19, though it,s crystal clear that it,s not yet Uhuru, but so far so good.

The governor has been up and doing as well.

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